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Why Choose RALLi Technologies?

About RALLi Technologies

RALLi Technologies is an emerging company responding to a continuous pursuit to change the landscape of the interview process and hiring experience. Over the years, candidates have been discriminated against throughout the interview process based on several factors such as race, gender, accent, age, disabilities, name, religion, sexual orientation, and size. Unconscious bias is problematic on a societal level, contributing to hindering qualified candidates from achieving their career goals. This problem has reached a boiling point with the on-going civil rights protests to end systemic racism, racial and gender inequality, and sexual orientation discrimination. These movements include, but are not limited to Black Lives Matter movement, Women’s movement, and LGBTQ social movement demanding change in the workplace. 

Our Disruptive Hiring Software will answer the calls for justice in the employment arena by providing every applicant with the same opportunity to interview and be considered for positions based on their credentials.

Our Mission

Creating global employment diversity and equality by increasing an applicant’s career opportunities for gainful employment. We aim to raise the standards of excellence by creating accountability and transparency for all organizations while simultaneously eliminating biases.

Our Vision

Inspire and give hope to underrepresented communities by equipping all with a tool to navigate beyond intentional and induced employment challenges. Our ultimate vision is to evolve into a full-scale Human Resources Recruiting agency and offer our global matchless disruptive products and services across all industries.

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