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RALLi Technologies

RALLi Technologies is a company that was founded by four women of color to improve the overall interview and hiring process for candidates seeking fair interviews and employment. We aim to drive employers to foster true credentials, experience, and impact (CEI) using software to enforce and provide oversight of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Our Services

Our Product: Unswayed

Unswayed is RALLi Technologies' Disruptive Hiring Software that uses a filtering system to ensure that all candidates are provided the same interview and hiring opportunities based solely on their credentials.     

Product & Services

Unswayed provides customers and manufacturers in the software industry with an unprecedented opportunity to use robust business intelligence software to select candidates for interviews

Special Benefits

  • Quickly evaluates and assesses the candidates experience against job requisition requirements

  • Matches information for interviews.

Unique Features

Parses resume and application information to ensure the right candidate is selected for opportunities.

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